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Volunteer post

With the Club’s Annual General Meeting to be held on Friday 1st December, the Club has a number of Board Member positions that need to be filled for 2018. So if you enjoy a challenge and watching live AFL football or know of someone that does please get in contact with the Club. Some of the benefits of volunteering your time as a Board Member are:

• Meet new people and make new friends
• Do something with family and friends
• Face new experiences or challenges
• Raise awareness and support important community issues
• Experience different cultures
• Develop professional networks
• Gain experience in a variety of roles
• Explore different career and job opportunities
• Get relevant training or develop skills

There are also a wide range of jobs that need to be filled during the 2018 season. Interchange stewards, timekeepers, water carriers, oval line marking and canteen helpers are some of volunteer positions that we need help with. So if you can spare a couple of hours or even better, time on a regular basis we would like to hear from you.